What We Do

What we do is quite easy to explain.  At our core, we want to help you secure your Data.  So, in order for us to do this, we’ve gone out on the web and visited countless suppliers in the hopes of finding solutions that we can provide you.

What we’ve found is a vast array of tools and services tailored to securing and storing your data.  We’ve taken steps to enroll with the best providers we can find and have signed deals that enable us to offer top class products and services to you.


Our services include the following:


  • Full on site IT Services
    • PC Maintenance
    • Network Management
    • Network Monitoring
    • Patch Management
    • User Management
    • Hardware and Software Management


  • Data Backup and Storage Services
    • Cloud Storage
    • Cloud Sync
    • On Site Hard Copy Backups
    • Disaster Management
    • Data Recovery
    • Archiving and inventory management


  • Cyber Security – Network Security
    • Network Policy Management
    • Threat Discovery and Management
    • Network Filtering and monitoring
    • Firewall/Gateway Management
    • Intrusion Detection and brute force detection
    • Tagging, tracking, data analytics/forensics


Apart from the above, what we do is sit with you and decide which data is most critical to your business.  Once we know this, we can go about creating a plan of action and set policies in place to better manage your data.



cyber threats

Discovering Network Threats


We have a complete list of threats in our database.  As new threats are released into the cyber-sphere, we are alerted and it is automatically added to our list.  We then go out and find out how best to combat it.

Our systems are setup in such a way that they are automatically updated to manage the latest threats as they are released.

We keep up to date by following blogs, security news and all the security sites out there who regularly release the latest threat news.


Data Storage


Your data is vital for business continuity and we know that.  We also know that every business has trade secrets.  These are confidential processes which you keep hidden from competitors so that your business can continue to function, grow and prosper.  The problem is, others want to know how you do it, so that they can setup and run a business like yours and try to outmaneuver you.

This is a real risk in business and we’re here to help you keep the confidential stuff exactly the way you want it, confidential.

When it comes to storing your data, on or off site, you want to know that it’s in safe hands and that nothing will “accidentally” fall into the wrong hands.  That is totally understandable.  It’s for this reason that we were kinda picky when it came to vendors and suppliers that we want to work with.

We didn’t want to work with newcomers to the market.  No offense to the small guys, but the reality is:

  • They’re still learning
  • They’re still making mistakes
  • They’re desperate for business
  • They’re not that experienced……..yet

Would you put your brand new Mercedes Benz in the hands of an apprentice, or in the hands of a veteran mechanic?  It’s the same mentality with which we approached data storage vendors.


data storage services


We know how you feel about your business.

  1. You’ve put your heart and soul into growing it.
  2. You take pride in the things you’ve accomplished.
  3. You’re proud of the material assets you’ve been able to buy with your capital.
  4. You enjoy seeing the growth of your business.

We also know that you will do anything humanly possible to make sure things work the way that they are supposed to.  Let us help you secure your data, keep your processes safe, and ensure business continuity in the event of a catastrophe.


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Talk to us and let's see how we can help you

Lets secure your processes, data and your network

For peace of mind, let us help setup automated processes which we constantly monitor and have alerts setup for:

  • Network Threats
  • Intrusion attempts
  • Brute Force Attempts
  • Phishing Attempts
  • Malware Injections
  • Trojans and worms

Let us shield your network from the internet.  With policies set in place to protect your network, everyone involved with managing your network, will know exactly what to do when something is brought to our attention.

Let us be your cyber gatekeepers.