Sometimes the lines between IT service and IT support are blurred.  To clarify what IT services are, we’ve got a short list of the IT services we supply and give an explanation of each for better understanding.

IT services include technology functions that are supplied with support (locally or remotely).  This takes away the need for you to get involved with:

These all form part of the agreement that you make with us.  We provide the service as a third party and also use extended services and partners of our own to fulfill our obligations to you.

We typically offer a help desk for support ticket capturing and SLA agreements that detail the quality of the service provided to your business.

These are the IT services we supply:

Applications – these are typically programs that allow a person to enter data and store it for later recall, editing and saving to a network location.

Knowledge Management – includes programs which make it possible to create information, secure the content of the information and manage the distribution and storage of such information. An example of such a service would be a document management platform.

Content – content comes in many forms and there are multiple ways to create and distribute content.  Blogs, images, video, text, audio, print, digital, physical, etc.  We supply access to platforms and software to create and distribute content online and in print.

Media – videos, audio, and print media are all examples of media that can be created.  We provide the software and services necessary to do so.

Communication – we help you find a communication system that integrates everything you need to run your business, ie: chat, voice, email, blogging, social media, etc.

Device Supplies and Maintenance – we supply and maintain all types of devices, from desktops to mobile devices. We supply everything they need to work and be secure.

Data Processing and Storage – everything runs on data.  Whatever you need to process data, we supply it.  We then help you store the data on safe, secure servers, backed up to multiple locations for added security and peace of mind.

Information Security – it’s no point creating and storing data if it’s not kept secure.  With end to end encryption on your network and automated patching of all devices, we take care of the security so that you don’t have to.

Infrastructure Supply and Maintenance – networking can be confusing and complex.  But it isn’t really.  Careful planning before installing a network and adequately identifying each point on the network and at junction points, relieves a lot of headaches.  We supply servers, cabinets, routers, cabling and patch panels. Installing and maintaining the lot.

The difference between IT Services and IT Support

IT Services deal with the supply and implementation of products and services. 

IT Support is the after effect.  It’s when a user gets stuck and needs a hand, that’s where IT Support comes into play.

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