Technoserv Re-invented 2017 to 2018

This site has sucked for a long time.  I take full responsibility for this.  I have been so distracted, trying multiple things and stretching my focus far, far too thin.

I am still going to maintain all my web properties, but, in the immediate future, I will be going freelance to support my online income, and help me transition to complete home based work.

The problem I have been having is trying to do too many things and still trying to keep a constant flow of income into my home.

I am constantly torn away from my desk, and the environment I find myself in is a bit distracting, but my focus has returned, and I am more determined than ever to fix tings and get this blog going in the right direction.

What can you expect?

This blog’s focus is to provide reviews and information about tech for your home.  I will find the tech I use from day to day and give you an honest opinion about the products and services which will benefit you in you home or business.

Not just that, I will add reviews, source articles, videos and add how to articles to help you make use of the products and services.

I will find and provide all manner of content and will do my best to update the site at least 2 x per week.

That’s about it from me.

Oh, I do short form posts, so that you get the info you want and can move on, to do something more interesting.  I have no doubt that you find a lot of information on Amazon and other local tech sources before you make any buying decision.

On this site, I hope that you can get the information to complete your search and find the solution you’re looking for.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to reach out and ask.