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IT Support Gauteng

IT Support varies greatly from company to company.  In our case, IT support means that we become your first contact person/s when something goes awry in your business.

Things going awry could mean:

Your computer doesn't work:

  • Your computer no longer starts up
  • You suspect you have a virus
  • You've lost your login details
  • You've just bought a new device and want help setting it up
  • Anything else to do with the computer


  • You can't print
  • Need a new printer installed
  • Lost connection
  • You can't get it to print right
  • You want help managing colour or alignment


  • Everything is slow
  • You can't connect to devices on the network
  • You need more cabling installed, or a new router setup
  • You're moving and need a new office network setup
  • You can't connect to the internet

Data Backups:

  • You know you should do it, but don't
  • You're not sure which service to use
  • Not sure how to go about it
  • Wonder if there is a way to automate the whole backup process
  • Need More Storage space

These are just come of the things we can help with from day to day.  We travel round Gauteng providing IT Support to small and medium sized business all the time.  

Looking for new Computers, software, printers, drives, components, IT Services, Cloud Services, SaaS Services or anything else?  Let us know, we've got accounts with all the major tech vendors in Gauteng.

We're based in Germiston, on the East Rand, but travel as far as Pretoria to the North, as far as Krugersdorp to the West, as far as Vereeniging to the South and as far as Witbank to the East.

We serve all areas in-between.  Typically, we only head out the office after 08h30, but in case of emergencies, we can be on a specific site by 06h00.  We also head out of premises at 14h00 or 19h00 to avoid traffic.

For Quick support, Call Alistair:  082 765 8240, or use the contact bot to the right to send an email.