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Cloud Services Gauteng

Cloud Services come in many shapes and forms.  Often it's more expensive to lay out a few thousand Rand to buy software.  It's much better to go the subscription route.  You pay a set monthly fee that you can budget for, and you get free upgrades and feature ad-dons for free for life.

All businesses have various needs but the categories of needs remain the same and we help you find the best solution for your business in the following categories:

  • Communication and eCommerce
  • Security and Network Monitoring
  • Financial Software
  • Data and Document Management
  • Content creation and Learning
  • Helpdesk software
  • Automation and communication
  • SEO
  • Time Tracking and Monitoring

Within each of these categories are many types of software.  We deal with the majority of them as affiliates and make a small commission if you decide to use any of them based upon our recommendations.

If you feel the need to use or find a certain cloud platform to do something with and need some guidance to the solution you may be looking for, then get in touch and speak to us.