The Resources We Use Every Day


We use a number of tools to run our Business from day to day.  We have  a few web properties.  Some are beginning to show some profit, others we are leaving dormant for now, while we build and scale others.


Taking Notes, jotting down Ideas


The number 1 resource we use from day to day to keep track of our business, jot down ideas and sync all this data across devices is Evernote.


Device Cleaning and Optimization


A program I use to keep my PC clean and optimized for performance is Ccleaner.  It works great on Windows, Android Devices and On Mac Products.


Domain, WordPress, Email Hosting


For Hosting I recommend Bluehost.  Are you trying to find the perfect domain name?  We can help with that, otherwise you can just go into our little widget here and see if your favorite is available for registration.

Try it out: