Technoserv was founded due to a lack of professional service delivery to business and homeowners in the technology sector.

What we do, is package Hardware, Software and Services for Business while also offering general computer and mobile device troubleshooting for homeowners.

What we found, was that, although there were numerous technicians out there offering services, sometimes they were just too busy to offer their clients the kind of service they came to expect.

Customers exasperated by poor service delivery, were found hopping from one service provider to another, in the hopes of finding one that would offer them a long term commitment, and give them the effective service delivery they were looking for.



Our Focus is on Delivering Service Excellence.  If we see that we can’t offer the level of service we need to agree to, then, we don’t take on the work.  We keep it small and tight, so that we can be sure that you get the service you need, when you need it.




Technoserv and Partners aim to offer our clients, and prospective clients, optimal service levels on a consistent basis.  We believe in developing customer relationships and being there when needed.  We aim to provide Solutions for any situation and ensure our customers have cutting edge technology available at their fingertips.


Our Services:

  • General Computer Troubleshooting
  • Computer and mobile device sales, service and repair
  • Computer Monthly maintenance plans, contracts and Service Level Agreements
  • Website Design, Management and Support
  • Domain Registrations, Hosting and email Management
  • Email Archiving, Filtering, Storage and Exchange Hosting
  • ADSL, Broadband and mobile packages
  • Virtual Server Hosting, VPN, Remote Offices, Remote Support
  • Server Supply, Installations, Configuration and Management
  • Network Security, Data Cabling, Wireless Network installations and configurations
  • Data Storage, Recovery, Disaster recovery management, off site backups
  • Software application supplies, design and development
  • VOIP, and alternative IP Communications
  • Hosted CRM, Collaboration Tools and Applications
  • Cloud Based Google Apps, Storage and Video Services




  1. Provide each customer with a personal experience above all else.
  2. Maintain service levels consistently from inception to termination of the relationship.
  3. Keep abreast of Technology Advancements and make these available to our customers.
  4. Offer solutions to consistently reduce the cost of the Customer IT expenditure.
  5. Offer solutions to problems and find intuitive ways to assist the customer with processes within and beyond their current IT infrastructure.
  6. Treat each customer the same and have high ethical and moral standards of approach towards current and prospective clients.



As a Technology service supplier we have certain obligations to uphold while serving our customers.


Our service delivery commitments include:


  • Being responsible and on time as laid out in our SLA.
  • Safeguarding all Client data against internal and external threats.
  • Ensuring that all network connections are secured against any external threats.
  • All data is secure and that backups are maintained in secure locations both on, and off site, with regular testing for redundancy, at least Monthly.
  • Delivering network usage reports to clients detailing the habits and trends within their network
  • Ensuring adequate usage policies are enforced within the work environment and maintaining an updated database of policies for annual review.
  • Monitoring data access and reporting any suspicious activities immediately.
  • Maintaining user devices within the home or Business Network in an optimal manner ensuring that any problems are effectively dealt with to prevent a crash
  • Ensuring that there is a disaster recovery plan in place, in the event of a total loss of hardware.
  • Following all aspects of any agreement reached with a client or prospective client to the letter and allowing the client to make changes at any time, with the aim of ensuring customer satisfaction.




We strive from day to day to ensure that we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and we are committed to Excellent Service Delivery.

Nothing but the most dedicated, focused service delivery will suffice for each and every customer we have the privilege of working with.

We are committed to offering a personalized service for each Customer and have entrenched the mindset of Service Excellence within each member of our Group.

We will stop at nothing to ensure our customers are thrilled to be with us.


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