Technoserv Profile


When looking for Technology Solutions, we often hear how most software programs are just too complex, or they have too many bells and whistles which seem pointless.  

Most people say that they would pay more for simpler programs if they work.

Information overload is experienced by ourselves and many of the people we speak to.  

So, how do you go about finding a Technology Solution for your business?

Our Services:

  • Technology Solutions
  • IT Services
  • Web Solutions
  • Email Archiving
  • Network Security, 
  • Data Storage
  • Cloud Apps


Our Focus is on delivering the most up to date, relevant information we can find about all the different technology solutions that come on the market as they are released.  

We subscribe to Tech Blogs and share their information here.  

We scour the web, looking for products and services that you could probably use in your business, no matter the size.


  1. Provide each customer with a personal experience above all else.
  2. Maintain ongoing information supply, on the latest technologies and solutions entering the market
  3. Keep abreast of Technology Advancements and make these available to our customers.
  4. Offer solutions to consistently reduce the cost of the Customer IT expenditure.
  5. Offer solutions to problems and find intuitive ways to assist the customer with processes within and beyond their current IT infrastructure.
  6. Treat each customer the same and have high ethical and moral standards of approach towards current and prospective clients.


Technoserv and Partners aim to offer our clients, and prospective clients, the best information we can, on a consistent basis. 

We believe in developing customer relationships and being there when needed. 

We aim to provide information about solutions for any situation and ensure our customers have cutting edge technology available at their fingertips.


As a Technology Information supplier, we have certain obligations to uphold while serving your interests.

Our service delivery commitments include:

  • Delivering Relevant Content Regularly
  • Safeguarding all Client data
  • Making Sure Our Content Is Accessible
  • Ensure that our Website is Secure
  • Have Options To Subscribe To Updates
  • Enforced Usage Policies


We strive from day to day to ensure that we meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and we are committed to Excellent Information Delivery.


Nothing but the most dedicated, focused information delivery will suffice for each and every customer we have the privilege of helping.


We are committed to offering a personalized experience for each customer and have entrenched the mindset of Information Excellence within each member of our Group.


We will stop at nothing to ensure our customers are thrilled to be here.


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