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Optimonk is an application (app) that’s installed on your website to provide increased lead generation opportunities from early stage site visitors.


The 99% problem most website owners face

The problem that most website owners face is the loss of revenue from running ads to get people to the website, but then the traffic leaves without buying anything. It’s a huge problem and headache for the most website owners and Optimonk has stepped in to try fix this problem.


What does Optimonk do?

Optimonk is designed to do one thing really well. That’s to prevent people from leaving your site without taking some kind of action. The main goal of course, is to get people onto your email list so that you have them as customers for a long time and can create repeat sales when you need to.


What can you do with optimonk?

The application does something that should come naturally to all of us, but sometimes, we need an application like this to simplify it to a point where it becomes easy to implement. The most important thing you need to understand about your site visitor is their journey.

Create the perfect customer journey on your website, from the first touch-point to the sale.

Here are a few of the things you can do in Optimonk:
  • Create a sense of urgencyNo-one likes to miss out on something. With optimonk, it becomes very easy to create a sense of urgency.

  • Promote Special Offers – You are creating offers for your customers aren’t you. Running sales, deals and special offers are some of the best ways to attract new customers.

  • Exit Intent Popups/Cart Abandonment – Before someone leaves your site and clicks that close button, optimonk creates a popup that will get the attention of the site visitor and offer them a tasty morsel they cannot resist.

  • Recommend Products – People are looking for products and service online. So, while they’re browsing your site, optimonk will recommend related products and services automatically.

The most important thing you can do for your business is build a list

There’s no way around it. You must build a list if you want longevity in your business and once you build your community, you can sell to the same people over and over again, provided you look after them and never spam them with junk.

With optimonk it’s easy to add people to the following lists:

  • Email

  • Messenger

  • Text/Phone Contact Lists

Get feedback from Customers

What do your customers think about your business? Have you ever stopped to ask anyone? With this software, it’s easy to ask for your customers to giver feedback, so that you can improve their overall experience.

Make Announcements

If you want to ensure your customers remain loyal followers, you need to be sure to tell them when you make changes, have upcoming events, sales and so forth. With this platform it’s never been easier to do so.


Allow your site visitors to find what they’re looking for easily. The best way to do this is with seamless navigation. Optimonk makes this process as simple as possible.

Lead capture

With the right design and the right timing, lead capture forms convert best if the visitor has little to enter and more to lose if they don’t hand over their information. The forms and templates supplied by optimonk make lead generation super easy.

Embed Optimonk code on your own site

Optimonk provides the code necessary to add all their call to action content, buttons, links, popups and everything else, directly into your own website.

That means you can have all your marketing action take place on your site, but you build all the technical stuff in optimonk, then just paste a few lines of code in your site. Easy!

Ready for more sales?

Are you ready to have a look at Optimonk in more detail? Head on over to their site to see exactly how it works, learn the platform inside an out, then decide if it’s the right fit for your business.

You can start with their FREE plan and upgrade when you ready.

Want To See A Demo Of Optimonk?

optimonk - the exit intent popup, tools, software

The Quickest and Best Way To Learn About A Platform Is To Watch A Demo

At the Bottom of this page you'll find a video Demo of Optimonk. Watch it, it's short, to the point and gives you a general overview of waht Optimonk was built for.

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