Alan Manor IT Support Services


Our Alan Manor IT Support Services offer you the opportunity to hand over tedious repetitive tasks to outsourced IT support specialists.


The Team of Alan Manor IT Support Services collaborate on larger projects to ensure you get speedy resolutions to any problems thrown our way.


Tenacious Tech Issues


Technology can be boring and sometimes the same problem seems to pop up every so often, which you need to fix over and over again.


It can be time-consuming and somewhat frustrating if you don’t know what the root cause of the problem is.  As technology guys, we deal with these problems on a daily basis.


We’ve been in the IT support business for a number of years and understand where problems start with computers and also have the knowledge to fix them.


Struggling With Tech?


If you struggle with Technology and need someone to give you a hand, Call your local Alan Manor IT Support Service suppliers on 082 765 8240 or WhatsApp 076 102 0460.


We’ve helped larger companies with their infrastructure and can do the same for you.



The IT support Service we offer includes:


  • Ongoing maintenance and IT support service for small to medium businesses in Alan Manor
  • Maintenance contracts and SLA agreements for Larger Businesses
  • Planning, design, and installation of networks
  • Data cabling, Data Storage, and Data Recovery Services
  • Computer hardware and software sales
  • Tablet and mobile phone sales
  • Server Sales, Service, and ongoing maintenance
  • Remote connectivity management
  • New user setup, and office moves
  • General Support
  • Remote support



Our Alan Manor IT Support Service is geared towards making the business operate smoother and allows the business owner to concentrate on running the business, rather than running around resolving petty issues which someone else can.


We understand it’s costly to employ a full-time staff member to look after your IT needs, that’s why we formed our business.


Our Alan Manor IT Support Service is geared towards offering you the support when you need it, and having someone on call when you have challenges.


Our Alan Manor IT Support Service is offered at lower ongoing rates while our ad-hoc service rates are a little higher to compensate for traveling and time spent on site.


On-Site IT Support That Comes To You


If you need this kind of help, Call your local Alan Manor IT Support Service team on 0827658240 or WhatsApp 076 102 0460.


We will send one of our team members to assist you on site.  Our friendly IT support staff will show you what they do and help you prevent further issues in the future.


If your business is located In Alan Manor and needs to be connected to the internet and other branches, we suggest you consider our Aeroton Alan Manor IT Support Services.


We offer 24/7 monitoring and 24/7 call out services.  So, no matter what time of day your business needs help, we are there for you.


Our team is dedicated to offering you cost-saving solutions.  Get in touch with your local Alan Manor IT Support Service team so that we can tailor an IT support service to meet your needs.


Call 082 765 8240 or WhatsApp 076 102 0460.  We’ll come to your business and help solve all of your IT Problems.

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