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Technology gives problems at the worst times.  We’re sorry you had to look for IT Support in Alrode.   Tech can be such a drain on your time, patience and resources, so we’ll keep this brief.  We want to help you with your IT.


We’ve got quite a bit of experience helping a variety of businesses with different IT Solutions.


Wondering what we can do for you?


We can


  • Troubleshoot and repair devices (Physical Repairs go to Vendors)
  • Device cleaning, optimization and cleaning on schedules
  • Router Setup
  • Network Creation (WiFi and Cabled)
  • Workstation Management
  • Routing Cables (New Office Setup)
  • New Computer and Mobile Device Setup
  • Printer Setup and management
  • Ink (toner) and Paper Supplies (We Supply Consumables)
  • Remote Monitoring, Network Monitoring and Security Management
  • Managed Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual Data Backup Plans (Free Software)
  • Webhosting with Hostgator, Godaddy and Bluehost
  • WordPress installations, WordPress training, WordPress management
  • Content creation, SEO, Blogging, Video Creation, Social Media
  • Lease hardware (Printers, Computers, Furniture)
  • Buy Hardware and Software through us, (we’re partnered with all major suppliers)


 Would You Like To Speak To Someone?


No problem at all.  Simply fill in the contact form to the right and submit the details.  Or call us on 082 765 8240.  We’re also on Facebook Messenger, Viber, VK and Twitter.

We’re sure that you’ll be comfortable with one of these channels, otherwise, send a support ticket and we’ll get in touch with you.


IT Support staff will come to your home or business in Alrode.  We would like to simplify the way that your technology challenges are solved.


We come to you and help you where you are comfortable.  While we’re there, you can show us exactly where and how the problems actually happen.


You Help Guide and Check What We do


With your guidance around your Computer, we will quickly identify the issue plaguing your device and your network, then set about fixing it.


We work according to a simple system, breaking things down and making notes as we go along.


We start by backing up data and checking that all recovery discs are in place, before we do anything that might compromise what’s already on your device.


We ask a couple of basic questions:


  1. What happened?
  2. When did it start?
  3. What did you add?
  4. What did you download?
  5. Did you see any weird messages?
  6. Did you get an error message?
  7. Are you getting multiple popups?
  8. Do you often find your antivirus switched off?
  9. Did you open an attachment?
  10. When last did the device work normally?
  11. Did you recently update the device?
  12. Do you have a backup?
  13. Do you have the original installation discs?
  14. Do you have a paid for antivirus?
  15. What’s the most important things to save?


There may be others, these are just a few basics.


Once we’ve established a possible cause for the problem to begin with, we go about looking for the culprit.  This can often turn out to be a number of different things.



Systematic Problem Solving


We take the cautious approach and systematically go through your device and make notes of each step we take, so that we can retrace the steps if need be.


Once the immediate problem is resolved, we will explain what the problem was, and how you can prevent the same computer problem in future.


Technology Pains


Not only does a faulty device cause unnecessary stress.  Technology problems often cause loss of time and productivity which can severely affect your business.


Having knowledgeable IT Support Staff “on call” means:


  • Less time spent trying to figure out the problem
  • A faster return time to a productive state
  • No extra staff wages, benefits or common headaches
  • Pay only for what you want done
  • Get prioritized rates and add-on services as needed


Devices often malfunction due to technical issues and user error.  These two combined, mean that although repairs are minimized by better technology, problems still pop up and IT Support is necessary.


For someone just using a computer at home in Alrode, it is more of a frustration than a big problem if the device doesn’t work.   None the less, it’s something which needs to be solved as simply and as quickly as possible at the best rates.


No matter where you are located, in Alrode or surrounding neighborhoods, we’ll get someone to your location and give on site IT Support on your computer.


Don’t ever stress about getting your computer to a repair shop in Alrode again.  We’ll come sort out all the issues you have at your home or business.


Call 082 765 8240 and book an IT Support Specialist to help your business today.


Why Get IT Support From Us?


With 15+ Years of experience behind us, we’re pretty sure we’ve come across the majority of the issues that may be plaguing your devices. 

Having helped multiple businesses from FMCG, Logistics chains, Manufacturers, retail outlets and sports stadiums, we’re sure we can help you.

We’ve completed hundreds of different projects ranging from setting up internal wired networks, CCTV Networks, VPN networks, Google Suite Setups, WordPress Website setups, Digital Signage Installations and so much more.

We have a wide range of experience and have a team backing us up along the way. 

Together we collaborate and stay on top of the latest technology trends, threats and the best fit for business.


Get the IT Support You Deserve


Take your hands of the tech wheel for a while.  We are sure you have more important things to do, like running your business.  Let us handle the tech.


Get someone on your side. 


  • Someone that understands the concept of Business.
  • Someone who will go the extra mile
  • Someone to make sure your business runs efficiently
  • Someone who ensures that devices perform the way they were meant to.


Call 082 765 8240 to have Local Alrode IT Support Staff come help solve any of your Computer Problems.

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