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IT Services differ from IT Support because you decide on a service which we deliver, only when you need it.  What we’re saying is that you can choose what service you want, when you need it and only pay for the service, for the time that your business actually uses it.

With IT Support, you pay a flat monthly fee for support in general.   With IT Services, you pay for Services for the time you use them.

For Example:

You run a small accounting firm and heard of a SaaS accounting package that you would like to try.  We can arrange for you to have a trial of the software so that you can see if it will work for your situation, be it 30 days, 60, 90 or however long you need it for.

The IT Services we offer are the following:

  • Managed IT Services – we actively monitor and manage your network remotely
  • Adhoc/On Demand IT – pay for once off services
  • Network Setup – a labor intensive job that we do for new offices
  • Network Security – securing your data has never been more important
  • Cloud Data Backup and Storage – once again, keeping your data safe and secure is vital

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services require us to install software on your network.  Typically it would be a central device, like a server.  

From here, we can:

  • Connect to all devices
  • Monitor traffic on your network
  • Manage patching
  • Detect and block web threats
  • Push device updates when convenient

Adhoc/On-Demand IT Services

You don’t need an IT guy on site 24/7, but the time comes that you do need someone to do certain tasks that you don’t have aclue how to do yourself, and you would prefer not to do it.  

Tasks could include:

  • Extending your existing network
  • Installing routers
  • Setting up New Devices
  • Moving devices from one location to another
  • Installing remote access

These are often tasks that can be done once of and never need much maintenance.

Network Setup Services

Setting up a network takes a bit of planning.  It is labor intensive work and also quite tricky, especially for the inexperienced.  

We help with:

  • Running data cable for new networks
  • Extending current networks
  • Installing Wireless networks
  • Working in conjunction with Fibre providers
  • Router setup and management

We supply all hardware and software required in such cases.  We’ve done a lot of installations and have the past 9 year’s worth of experience behind us.

Network Security Services

Your data is the lifeblood of your business and it needs to be protected from prying eyes who want to steal your trade secrets.

We help:

  • Supply state of the art cloud firewall technology
  • Run scans and block any malware, trojans, spear attacks or phishing attempts
  • We filter network traffic and tag common traffic, we investigate anything suspicious
  • Create internal policies to regulate data movement
  • Offer Reporting and Analysis daily, weekly, monthly

Cloud Backup Services

Not backing up your data is a crisis.  Backing up to only one place is just as bad.  

We take a 3 pronged approach:

  1. Store one copy of data locally
  2. One copy of data remotely
  3. Send another copy of data to a Virtual Server

This allows us to always have a copy of your data, should anything ever happen.


The IT Services we offer are aimed at helping you get the most essential services necessary to keep your business functioning.  For any hardware or software inquiries, get in touch with us.

We do have access to accounts at all  major tech vendors in Gauteng.

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