IT Services for Charities and Non-Profits


In the “ideal world”, everything should work as expected.  If you run a charity or non-profit organization and you’re doing good in the world, then as the gods should have it, your blessings should keep everything in check and “good”.  But…., this is the “real” world.


Computers and other devices do what they do, and break when they break.


Even the do-gooders of the world need help with their tech from time to time.  That’s where we come to the rescue and offer a helping hand of our own. 


To help ease the suffering of charities and non-profit organizations, we offer a 30% reduced rate on all work we perform and provide hardware and software at greatly reduced pricing.


We have 8+ years of experience working with the nonprofit sector and charities, including churches, Nature conservationists and NGO’s.  We understand the unique challenges you face from day to day.


These are a few ways we can help your organization:



  • Corporate-level IT solutions at non-profit rates
  • Technical support via remote control
  • Network installation and VOIP services for startups or expanding practises
  • Low-cost or free alternatives to proper server systems
  • Fast delivery of time-sensitive projects such as contribution receipts
  • Sound advice on free resources available on the Internet
  • Up to 80% savings on software licenses (depending on vendor)
  • Secure implementation of online donation websites and applications



Note: Nonprofit organizations and registered charities receive a 30% discounted rate on our Network Maintenance plans.

We also have partners in the accounting, training, law, taxation, records and church incorporation services who could also assist at Not-for-profit-rates.


If any of these sound favorable to your organization, then let us know how we can be of service to you.  You can call us on 082 765 8240, WhatsApp 076 102 0460 or Message us on Messenger.

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