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First off, IT Support is meant to take the burden of IT off your hands so that you can focus on your business, not solve IT problems and waste your precious time on stuff that someone else should be doing anyway.

We like to think of ourselves as the sidekicks to your business.  We’re there when you need us, but not in your face the whole time.

What do we offer when we talk about IT Support?


IT Support means taking care of your network and keeping all the devices on the network optimized so that data storage and data transfers across the network happen fluidly.


What we do is the following:


  • Device optimization – Clearing out old files, clearing logs, deleting junk, getting rid of broken files
  • Storage Optimization – reducing duplication, compressing files, securing data
  • Network Security – constant monitoring of your network to ensure updates and security threats are kept in check
  • Troubleshooting – finding problems, dealing with them and documenting the solutions for future reference
  • Data Backups – ensuring backups of your data are always done, kept secure and always available


Whenever we’re called upon to provide IT support, we do all of the above.  We give you or your business the option to sign up for ongoing maintenance services with us.


Maintenance is a Necessary Expense


Although most people feel that devices made these days are more robust and able to forego maintenance, we disagree.  It all depends on the environment in which the device is used.


For instance:


  • Devices in humid areas tend to have metal components like screws and casings oxidize and rust
  • Devices near heavy duty power cable suffer from electromagnetic interference
  • Devices in dusty environments tend to break quicker because fans pull dust into the device
  • Devices in hot locations tend to have shorter lifespans due to overheating


We take all of these conditions into consideration and offer solutions which ensure the longevity of the devices you use for your business.


The End Goal:


  • Extend the lifespan of your existing devices
  • Reduce the need for additional IT Expense
  • Consolidate IT spending
  • Reduce the need for physical hardware purchases
  • Migrate services to the cloud
  • Maximize the use of existing network infrastructure


Most of the time, there isn’t a need for additional spending on IT, even though other IT service providers may tell you otherwise.  Old networks do have a tendency to slow down as the cabling ages.  Newer cabling technologies offer increased speed and bandwidth.

If you’re on the fence regarding IT Support, get in touch with us, even if it’s just to chat about your options.  We’ve got solutions for everyone from the single home user to corporates in multiple locations.


Just fill in the details of the contact form and send, or call us on 082 795 8240.  We’re also on Whatsapp – 076 102 0460 and Telegram.

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