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We're here to help small to medium sized businesses in Germiston

Germiston Computer Support Technicians offer computer support for home and Business users in the greater Germiston and Johannesburg Areas.

You probably stumbled across our site looking for Germiston Computer support technicians to help with a problem you have.


Why use our services?


Apart from answering questions relating to your problems, we also:


  • Find and fix the current computer problems you may be having.
  • We find solutions to internet connectivity and give you a few options, so you can make sure you are always connected.
  • We source any hardware and software you need for your business, at reduced prices.
  • We offer data backup services.
  • We remove viruses and can offer antivirus programs at reduced prices.
  • We also offer hosting of websites and email, starting at R15 a month.
  • Use us weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as you need us.


Need to speak to someone urgently?  Call 082 765 8240.  If you prefer to send a support ticket, you can do that.  We’re on Facebook and respond to messenger.  We’re also on Twitter and respond to tweets.  Otherwise, just fill in the form to your right and we’ll respond in a few minutes.


Having a resource such as ourselves frees your business from:


  • Trying to fix things yourself and possibly making matters worse.
  • You have one person to speak to for all your technology needs.
  • You save time and money because you don’t need to employ a full time staff member who will need training, holidays, increases and a monthly salary.
  • You buy hardware and software cheaper from us, than you would at a retail store.
  • You save, time, money and help ensure your staff productivity is maintained.


What Else Could The Germiston Computer Support Technicians Help With?


Apart from the above listed items, we can also help with your data cabling, general upkeep of your computers, servers and other devices.

We currently maintain computers for a number of clients throughout Germiston and the Greater Johannesburg area.


If you’re struggling with Technology and need help with other programs such as Pastel and QuickBooks, give the Germiston Computer support technicians a call. 

We’ve been offering support for both programs for the past six years and all our customers still use both programs today.


Mobile Device Support


Tablets have become increasingly popular.  It’s just so much easier to carry a tablet in it’s cover than lugging a laptop around with you.  There aren’t any cables to plug in, no bags, chargers and dongles to worry about, etc, etc.

Tablets are more convenient and simpler to use than computers.  If you’re stuck with an issue on your tablet, give the Germiston computer support technicians a call.


We have experience working on Android and iOS, so we’re pretty confident we can solve any issue on your tablet.


Mobile Phones


There are increasing numbers of people who need to be connected to their business all the time.  Email has become the lifeblood of many businesses and the need to respond to email has never been more important.

There are numerous problems that can affect your mobile phone, so we’ve taken it on ourselves to learn about Blackberry, Samsung and Apple Phones.


Give the Germiston Computer support Technicians a call if you need help with your mobile phone and getting it business ready.




People think that servers are these incredibly complex machines used for data storage.  In actual fact, they are just computers, with services other than your average computer.

The difference between servers and computers is simple.  You use your computer to create and manipulate data.


A server on the other hand is just another computer.  They are built with more robust components that can withstand long operating hours without overheating or breaking down.

Administrators use servers to manage data within a business.  A server can be used to control who has access to what information, how it is used and where it can be accessed.


Network activity and threats to the network can be controlled from the server if it is made the gateway to the internet.  There are many configurations to choose from.  Normally a small business can just use a server for file storage.


If you have more than five employees accessing or storing data, you should consider a server.  I know you may be thinking that it’s going to cost hundreds of thousands.


We offer servers for R4500.  That is the very basic server.  If you need extra data storage space, we can expand it as necessary.  Interested in learning more about servers?  Call the Germiston computer support technicians to fill you in on the servers we offer and how we can tailor one to suit your business needs.




A virus can bring a business to its knees in a few minutes.  So, doesn’t it make sense to ensure that your network, end every computer connected to the network is free from viruses?

We recommend ESET antivirus.  We’ve been using it with great success for the past seven years and never had an issue.


Get in touch with us to discuss ESET and how it can be implemented in your business.


Data storage is another area we haven’t covered in detail, but you should have the following in place:


  1. A detailed plan of how you save your data
  2. A backup schedule for all business data
  3. A contingency plan in the event of total data loss
  4. A disaster recovery plan in the event of total data loss
  5. Data access policies


Data is what everything you do, is all about.  The information you capture is your business.  Without it, you can probably close your doors.

The Germiston Computer support technicians have experience storing data and running backups, scheduling backups and verifying the stored data.


Call the Germiston computer support technicians to help you with all aspects of Technology.  We live for our work and will do all we can to help you, run your business more effectively.


We will help secure your data and the work you do.


We help save your time, money and sanity.  So, call the Germiston computer support technicians for all your computer support needs on 082 765 8240, leave a comment, email us, send a BBM to 082 765 8240.

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