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Germiston Computer Support Specialists assist home and business users with computer problems throughout Johannesburg and the greater Gauteng Area.  Your computer problems may vary from:


  • Lack of internet connection
  • Slow computer performance
  • Virus infections
  • Programs not working
  • No email, or any other variation


Need to speak to someone urgently?  Call 082 765 8240 for a prompt response.  We’re also on Facebook Messenger, we take support tickets, we’re also on Twitter, so send us a tweet.  Otherwise, just fill in the contact form to the right.

The Germiston computer support specialists travel to your home or business and resolve the problems on site.  At times, we may not have all the necessary equipment to perform an immediate repair and may remove the broken computer for repair, or return with the correct component.


Services Provided By Germiston Computer Support Specialists


Not only do we repair computers that don’t work as they should, we also provide the following services for your business:


  1. Domain hosting. We register your business name as a host and can setup email with your business name for as little as R15 for 5 email addresses per month
  2. We can help setup a website for your business
  3. We can find and have a service provider install an alternative internet connection so that you don’t have to rely on ADSL
  4. We help backup all your data so that there is no chance of it being lost
  5. We maintain your network so that there is no risk of machines breaking when you least expect it


Germiston computer support specialists offer Maintenance contracts or Service Level Agreements for business owners who would prefer to have someone with knowledge assist them with their computers on an ongoing basis.


The Germiston computer support specialists maintain all computers on a set schedule.  You have a say in the matter and can ask us to help you on certain days, or we can be on site as often as you need us.


Once off Service Calls


We do a lot of adhoc work for home and business owners.  Sometimes it just doesn’t make financial sense to employ someone to maintain a small business network.  But, once you have 5 or more computers, you should think of having someone to rely on.


Our rates for adhoc work are as follows:


  • Call out for various issues R450.00 (includes 1 hours work, thereafter R300 per hour)
  • Internet problems R350.00
  • Data Recovery R75 per GB recovered
  • Email setup R150.00
  • Printer setup R250.00
  • Data cabling R550.00 per point installed
  • Contact us for more services offered


What’s included in a maintenance Schedule?


Germiston Computer Support specialists believe in supplying you with the basics and don’t go overboard with apps, and a load of other software that really doesn’t help your business.  Your business is supposed to be streamlined and needs to operate at maximum efficiency.

We created Maintenance and Service Level Agreement packages, with this in mind.


Your Package allows us to keep your IT hardware working at optimal rates. This ensures that there is no downtime, which can be costly and cause major backlogs in your work, especially if data is lost.

Our maintenance package consists of functions necessary to manage computers and devices on your network.  It includes a Free Network assessment (a consultation fee of R350.00 applies)




Before starting any work, we need to establish that your network hardware and software meet certain minimum requirements.  The minimum requirements are:


  • Central storage and reliable backup solutions to a server or external drive
  • Stable internet connection at a reasonable speed
  • UPS protection on each PC
  • Router/firewall installed and properly configured
  • Computers need to run Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional or newer
  • Intel Pentium III processor (or equivalent) and at least 2GB of RAM
  • Servers need to be running Windows or Linux
  • No Free Antivirus Programs


Germiston computer support specialists need to insist on the minimum requirements, because it allows us to have a standard throughout the industries we operate in.  It also helps us streamline your operations and efficiency.


Where Hardware or software falls below the required minimum standard, we will forward a proposal to upgrade it.  But if you can’t afford to do any of this, don’t worry. We can still help you on an adhoc basis.


This is what we actually do for you within the Maintenance Package


Weekly Tasks


  • Installation of updates on workstations and servers
  • Review user accounts, services, general security, and event/error logs
  • Verification of Backups to ensure your data is SAFE!


Monthly Tasks


  • Inspect all switches, routers, modems and cables
  • Update firmware, settings, rules and security settings, on routers and server


Quarterly Tasks


  • Antivirus and Windows updates
  • Computer clean-up and inspection
  • File archiving, disk space check, and backup inspection
  • Hardware testing
  • Case blowouts and cleaning where necessary
  • Physical cleaning of Server


Network Monitoring


  • Monitoring Internet Connections, traffic over the internet and internally via the Untangle Box and via the server.
  • Monitoring your internet connection so that we know if you are online
  • Monitoring your server so that we receive alerts if something is going wrong or about to go wrong, giving us time to fix it before something SERIOUSLY goes wrong.


Response Times


  • We Guarantee a 4 hour response time to any “critical” issue on your network
  • Once a ticket is received, we respond to the sender and inform them of our estimated time or arrival within 1 hour


Network Documentation


  • We keep records of what we do, so you can check up on us and we will obviously offer you a copy of this at any time.


What You Get


  • One hour monthly meeting to discuss satisfaction with our services


Other Services Germiston Computer Support specialists offer (some of which are outsourced):


  • Web design, custom programming, planning and research
  • System wide software upgrades / deployments / major upgrades
  • Installation or setup of new equipment
  • Germiston Computer support specialists have contact with all major technology suppliers and can offer Purchase quotes or repair quotes for any hardware/software
  • Onsite service for mobile employees, unless specified
  • Emergency calls outside of Service Level Agreement charged at adhoc rates


You now have a good idea of what we can do for you.  The Germiston computer support specialists will obviously like your input and will allow you to add services your business needs.  All our packages are totally customizable.


Get in touch with the Germiston computer support specialists to discuss your needs.  We’ll tailor a package to suit all your needs.  We can visit you once a month, or even twice a week.  It’s all up to you and what YOU want.  Call 082 765 8240.

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