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West Rand IT Support

West Rand IT Support covers areas to the West of Johannesburg CBD.  These areas include:  Westonaria, Randfontein and Krugersdorp. We offer IT Services to small, medium and home based businesses in the  West Rand.

Westonaria IT Support

IT Support for small to medium sized businesses in Westonaria

Randfontein IT Support

IT Support for small to medium sized businesses based in Randfontein

Krugersdorp IT Support

IT support for small to medium sized businesses based in Krugersdorp

Data Storage Services

Our West Rand IT Support offering includes Data Storage, management and restoration services

Data Security Services

West Rand IT Support include Data Security Services.  This ensures that your stored data remains safe at all times

Cloud Backup Services

West Rand IT Support includes cloud backup and sync services.  Your data needs to be backed up and available at all times

Managed IT Services

West Rand IT Support includes managed IT Services.  This allows us to monitor and manage your network

Data Networking

West Rand IT Support includes network installation for both wired and wireless configurations on any network

Network Maintenance

West Rand IT Support includes network maintenance services for any business with 10 or more users

Do You Need IT Services?

For Your Network

  • New Cabling Installed
  • New Routers Setup
  • Server Cabinets Installed
  • Wireless Connections Configured
  • Networking All Your Devices
  • Network Monitoring & Management

For Your Data

  • Sync to and from the Cloud
  • Automate Daily Backups
  • End to End Encryption
  • Secured Data Storage Facilities
  • Fire and Hack Proof
  • Pay As You Go

Every Business Should Be Operating Profitably. If Anything Reduces Output, You Lose Money

West Rand IT Support offers you the opportunity to prevent catastrophe in your business. 

We’re here to help you find Technology Solutions and IT Services online or locally to mitigate any situation that may have a negative impact on your business.

West Rand IT Support

We’ve already mentioned that we offer data storage solutions as part of our West Rand IT Support solutions.  Not only do we offer data storage, we also supply hardware and software to make it all work for your business.

We also keep track of all the latest advances so that we can offer you the latest solutions

Managed IT Solutions

Take your hands off the technology and let us handle it.  We’ve got platform specific tools made for the job.

Rather spend your time managing your business and taking care of the tasks that really help take your business forward and let us handle the technology  for you.

Comprehensive auditing and reporting tools allow you to keep a finger on the pulse of everything happening on your network. Easily track and monitor the ROI of the IT services we supply.

managed it services

West Rand IT Support

In partnership with local and international IT Service Suppliers, we bring you a wealth of knowledge, experience.  We also have a multitude of software and hardware solutions that will solve ANY Technology problem you have.

Are you looking for an IT Support Provider in the West Rand to help with day to day issues in your Business?  


Often the lack of productivity can be costly, especially when you have production lines running.


There isn’t a spare moment to waste, so it is critical to have all your systems up and running all the time.  If not immediately, then at the fastest rate possible to prevent losses.


How Is Time Managed in your Business?


Do your employees waste time, or is their time unintentionally wasted:


  • Trying to solve simple day to day Tech issues?
  • Do your employees have free access to the internet?
  • Are your employees spending time chatting to each other, or working?
  • Are your employee activities putting your network data at risk?


If you aren’t constantly at their side, it is highly likely that your employees aren’t always doing what is expected.


Network Monitoring From Your West Rand IT Support Provider 


If you want to know what is happening in your business from moment to moment, then you should consider having network monitoring in place.


Through network monitoring you will have a clear image of what happens in your business from moment to moment. 


Full reports detail:


  • Email sent and received
  • Social Media Sites accessed
  • Remote Access Logs
  • File Sharing
  • Encrypted Connections
  • Instant Messaging use
  • Photo Videos
  • Proxy tunnels



Outsource to a Dedicated IT Support Provider in The West Rand



We are an IT Support Provider in the West Rand.  We help numerous businesses with day to day IT problems and can help you with the Following:


  • Failed Internet Connections
  • Problems with Printing
  • Problems with internal Networking
  • Backup and Restore Data
  • Solve Email issues


These are just a few of the services we offer as an IT Support Provider in the West Rand.


How Does an IT Support Provider in the West Rand Help You, The Business Owner?


As an IT Support Provider, we offer certain services, but these offerings extend way beyond simple day to day issues at your business.  We can also help find software and hardware to solve issues hampering productivity.


We have:


  • Access to numerous Technology partners selling hardware and software solutions
  • Access to Antivirus, remote monitoring and remote support software
  • We have access to cloud filtering software, so you can keep tabs on your business
  • We have access to multimedia Companies who can help you with marketing
  • We have access to Internet and Website Hosting Businesses


We can find just about any solution under the sun for your business.  All we need to do is sit down and have a chat.  We offer ongoing service contracts, but we can establish mutual relationships and offer ongoing adhoc support.


Contact an IT Support Provider in the West Rand.  We provide the services that best serve your business needs. 


Call us on 082 765 8240 and schedule a time for a Gauteng North IT Support Provider to come see you at your home or Business.

Looking For Advice?

There’s only one way to get advice and make a decision.  Let’s introduce ourselves, sit down and talk about your situation.

Once we’ve got a better understanding of your business and your goals, then we can discuss solutions that will help you grow and scale beyond your current capacity.

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