Managed IT Services in Gauteng


Managed IT services mean that the devices on your network are monitored, optimized and patched for you.  We keep track of everything that happens on your network and let you know immediately if there are any problems.  We also keep an eye on connectivity and deal with issues as they arise in real time.


The Benefits for Your Business


  • We work outside of your business and run updates after hours
    • This means there are no interruptions to your business
  • We regularly update security patches
    • This ensures maximum security and reliability of your network
  • We monitor the server uptime/downtime
    • This allows us to prevent any issues on the network and any possible disruptions
  • We manage user accounts and make changes to any accounts and offer to do password resets
    • This frees you to focus on business, not managing users on the network
  • We troubleshoot of server connectivity and configuration issues
    • Never get confused and frustrated with tech, let us handle this for you
  • Network expert dispatched on-site in case of emergency situations
    • Quick solutions are just a call away, especially at busy times when connectivity is vital
  • Easy-to-budget flat monthly fee
    • Simple to negotiate, a simple flat monthly fee with no surprises


Additional services


  • Shared drives and access rights management
  • Data backup and disaster recovery service
  • Parts replacement and additions including RAID batteries, hard drives
  • Comprehensive Managed service plans for full network maintenance
  • On-site network emergency service


Managed IT services are a simpler means of having your network taken care of.  Most of the time your network is managed from a cloud application.  Rules are set, a technician monitors the processes and is alerted if there are problems.  Tickets are assigned to technicians to resolve problems and tracked in the Managed IT System.

All of this makes a flawless system work to provide you a seamless network experience with technicians working in the background for your business 24/7, without any added costs.


Every business owner deserves to sleep sound at night knowing that their network is taken care of and that things will be running normally when they open up in the morning.


Let’s set up a time to talk about the solutions available for your business.  Call us on 082 765 8240.  WhatsApp 076 102 0460 or send us a Message on Messenger.

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