Are You Looking For Digital Signage Installers in Johannesburg?

If you’re looking for digital signage installers in Johannesburg.  You’ve found someone that can help.


Let us help you:


  • Source Digital Screens for signage display
  • Source Media Players for signage
  • Source Routers and all the other accessories like brackets and stands that are required
  • We do the complete installation
  • We can also manage multiple teams if that’s a requirement


I you would like someone to talk to, call 082 765 8240.  If you prefer to send your contact details, use the form to the right.  You can send a support ticket, use Facebook messenger or send us a tweet on Twitter.  We’ll make sure we get in touch within a few minutes.


It can be tricky trying to get digital signage up and running on your own.  We’ve done hundreds of installations for Retail chains across Gauteng.  Some of the most notable ones:


  • Mr Price Home Menlyn, Mall Of Africa
  • Mr Price Sport, Brooklyn
  • BMG, Gauteng – multiple outlets
  • Supaquick – Multiple Outlets
  • Vida eCaffe – Multiple Outlets


As we said, we’ve got experience supplying and installing Digital Signage in Johannesburg.  We also traveled as far as Klerksdorp, Welkom, Nelspriut, Zeerust and Pretoria.  We’ll travel as far as you require us to.

Don’t try do everything on your own.  It’s much simpler working with someone who’s already done it all.


Use Our Digital Signage Installation Experience


We don’t do all the digital artwork ourselves, but use experienced Digital Agencies to create the marketing campaigns for you.  We then upload the content to cloud services.  These cloud services then host your content and stream it to our media players.


A typical signage installation consists of the following:


  • A Digital Screen, or multiple screens
  • Media players that feed display information to the sceens
  • Routers that connect the players to cloud services
  • Brackets or stands on which the screens are mounted


That’s the basic setup.  There are a multitude of different configurations involved.  So, your situation may be a little different.  We can meet, discuss your requirements and work our way to solving any issue you have.

Let experienced digital signage installers in Johannesburg help you setup Digital signage for your small business, your shop or for multiple outlets across Gauteng.

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