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Cyber Crime is a major problem

The average cost of a malware attack on a Company is $2.4 million.  (Accenter)

That means that you should do everything in your power to mitigate such risk.

Where do you start?

With your first line of defense, your antivirus program.

Free antivirus programs were created for one reason, they want you to try use the free version so that you will upgrade.

To completely secure your devices and your network, it’s best to go with paid antivirus programs.

They provide multiple updates per day, and do proper scanning of your device and network to prevent any threats getting onto your device.

A firewall is the first place we would start.

A firewall filters traffic coming to and exiting your business network.

With the right set of rules in place and the right technology platform, you can potentially block 99.9% of all attacks.

The last 0.01% blocking should happen by your network management software that tracks and traces data moving on your network.

Network Management normally happens remotely, but sometimes, the initial setup requires a technician to visit the physical location to install apps and services on the network.

Where network problems exist, a total network analysis needs to be done to evaluate the health of the network before installing network management services. 

What you’ll often find is that your device really slows down, your internet connection often fails completely and often your files will disappear or some information within your files disappear. 

These are just some of the symptoms to look out for.

You’ll find more information about viruses in our blog.

Often, when you download a product form the net, they come with add-on services or programs.

They often ask you if you want to install them and have a small checkbox they you either untick or tick to confirm installation.

Most of the time, people just don’t have the patience to read what’s being installed and just click quickly to get the installation over with, that’s when the adware is installed, that takes over your browser.

Often it’s pretty harmless, it just replaces your default browser with another.

Often the solution to remove it is quick and easy, other times, it can get a little more complex, requiring tools to do the job.

Viruses are made to Get Information

The most common reason for a virus being made and released into the wild web is for the hijacking of information from companies so they can be held to ransom for money.

Let’s help you mitigate and prevent such stuff happening to your business.

Prevent Infections

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Secure Info

We gather cyber intelligence and keep up to date with the latest market threats, thenimplement strageties to prevent infections.


There are millions of viruses, worms, trojans and other applications launched to the web daily.  We keep an updated library of knowledge.

Secure Data

The applications, programs and services we recommend help keep your data safe and secure, so that you don’t have sleepless nights.