Looking For A Computer Consultant in Germiston?

We're based in Germiston and can help with your computers

We’re Germiston Computer Consultants.  A Consultant normally doesn’t get their hands dirty when it comes to doing physical work on computers.  We, however, like to think differently.




  • Troubleshoot and solve daily computer errors
  • We solve daily networking errors and help you extend your network where necessary
  • Help you setup routine data backups to keep your data secure
  • Manage networks, ensuring there’s no suspicious activity
  • Detect and remove viruses and other malware from devices


That’s a very short list of our activities.  If you would like to find out more, Call us on 082 765 8240 and let’s discuss your needs.  Alternatively, send a support ticket, fill in the form on the right or find us on Facebook and send a message there.  You can also reach us on Twitter, but the quickest way of getting a consultant to your business, is a call.


If it’s Computer Support you’re looking for, you came to the right place.  We offer onsite and remote computer support for small to medium sized business.  We’ve been helping small businesses like yours since 2010 and have helped hundreds of people stay productive.


Whatever trouble you’re having, we can help with:


  • Is Your Computer SLOOOW?
  • We’ll optimize it so it runs like new
  • Are you getting weird popups?
  • We get rid of all the annoyances that plague you
  • Have you lost Google as your Home Page?
  • That’s a sign of a virus infection, we’ll fix it and get it back for you
  • Are you receiving error messages when starting outlook?
  • We’ll help you figure out what’s wrong and fix it


Once we meet with you, we aim to build a long term working relationship with you and value you as a business partner.  We promise to over-deliver and ensure that when we walk out the door, your business can resume normal productivity.

We’re computer experts and work with some of the most well known brands.  If you need some references, we will be happy to provide them.

Our work comes with a 7 Day, no questions asked Guarantee.  ALL Our first time customers receive between 30 – 50% Discount on first time call-outs.


Call us for more information on 082 765 8240.

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