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Are You Using Data Backup Services?

It’s difficult to comprehend how important data is to a business, until it’s lost.  It’s only then, that you realize, the loss of data could set your business back years.

Why not set preventative measures in place to avoid such a disaster?

Backup software

Data backup software runs on each device.  Data is automatically sent to a secure server for storage.  256 bit encryption keeps your data safe and secure

Data Storage

As Data is transferred from a device, it’s encrypted with 256 bit encryption technology.  The same technology is applied when  storing the data

Data Recovery

Lost data?  sometimes it is possible to get it all back.  Provided you had a backup of the data to begin with.  You can also recover data from a deleted file or folder

Automated Data Backup Services


Data backup services can be automated so that you never forget to backup your device again.


It’s so easy to forget to do the mundane boring stuff like backing up data.  It’s like watching paint dry.


That’s why we automate the process so you don’t need to go through the pain of watching it happen.


We use software called Cobian.


Once it’s installed, it runs in the background and backs up your data on the schedule you set with us.  All you need to do is tell us:


  • Which day your device will be on for at least 2 hours
  • What time will  be the best for backups to run without interfering with your work
  • What files we need to backup
  • Where the files will be backed up to
  • Any usernames and passwords we need to set for you


That’s about it.  We can set all of this up for you within 20 minutes or less.   Then, you’re all set and provided noting is changed, your backups will work seamlessly until someone DOES change something.


Get in touch with us and let us help you set up automated backups for all your devices so that you never have to worry about lost data ever again.  

Our Services

We’ll help you figure out the best way to send and store your data.  We’ll help you decide on the most cost effective route so that you can have a plan in place, and ensure that your data stays safe.

Data Storage

Backup Data to safe virtual servers in a datacenter

Restrict Access

Minimize the number of people who have access to sensitive data

Restore Files

Easily restore and sync files across devices from anywhere

USB Storage

Use USB attached storage devices to transfer and store data

SD, SSD Micro SD

Use memory expansion cards to store and move data across devices

DVD Data Storage

Keep data stored on DVD dics for long term preservation

Data Technologies

Data backup and storage technologies are always changing and improving.  

By partnering with the right technology vendors, we’re at the forefront of new develpments in storage technology.

This allows us to offer you these new services as soon as they’re available.

Data Storage Media

The different types of data storage media offer different security levels.  

Nothing however compares to a virtual server. 

Encrypted storage drives make sure that only you can get access to your data.

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Adopt the Cloud Already!


The cloud and all the services tied to the cloud technology have been around for some time now, and the cloud shouldn’t be anything new to anyone anymore.

Have you converted your business from on-premise to the cloud yet?


Why Convert to the Cloud?


Apart from the fact that it’s vastly more secure to work in the cloud, than it is to work solely on-premise, it’s also cheaper to get started:


  • There are continuous upgrades
  • Bank-grade encryption technology
  • No need for servers
  • Historic data storage
  • Work anywhere


Use Cloud-Storage Solutions for Your Business

Cloud storage was thought to be insecure, incompatible, a waste of time, and just another fad by many business owners.

Since major role-players came on board such as:

  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Dropbox
  • IBM
  • Most Hosting Providers

Working in the cloud and cloud storage has become more commonplace in the day to day business.

Cloud storage makes the process of working in multiple locations at any time and collaborating with anyone anywhere in the world, a common practice today.

Why Use Cloud Storage?

Contrary to popular belief in the olden days, cloud storage is safer:

  • Bank-grade or better encryption
  • Increase Storage Capacity as Needed
  • Store Virtually any File Type
  • There are no Fixed Contracts and you pay as you go
  • You have access to your data anywhere anytime

As long as you have an internet connection, you can access and work on your data anywhere, anytime.

Bank Grade Encryption

When you use cloud storage, the data you store is encrypted and broken into pieces.  These pieces are distributed over thousands of servers across multiple datacenters across the world.

The chances of hackers finding every piece of your encrypted information are very unlikely.

The suppliers of Cloud storage solutions have non-disclosure agreements in place with their hosting suppliers, so your information is safe.  They also have agreements in place to ensure that the data centers:

  • Have Multiple screens in place to prevent fires
  • Standard and multiple power backup generators
  • Green Operating Standards
  • The most up to date Equipment
  • Standard Resource Quality control

Although the list is very short, it gives a broad overview of data centers.


Increase Data Storage as Needed

In the old days, (I am literally talking about 15years ago), our top of the line computers came standard with 40GB of data storage space, and we were blown away by the speed and storage capacity.

Fast forward to today and the standard storage capacity has increased to 1TB.

Our ever-increasing need for data and data storage has increased the need for ever more places and means of storing data.

Many of the cloud storage solutions available today start you off with 30GB of free storage.  You then upgrade or buy more capacity as needed.  Different suppliers offer different rates per GB.  It’s best to shop around and find one that suits your needs.

If all else fails, get in touch with us, and we’ll gladly recommend a cloud storage provider.

Store any Type of File

We all make use of a number of different file types during our day to day work.  All of the cloud storage suppliers I came across have a means to synchronize files from your desktop or other devices to their cloud storage facility.

Some have a downloadable application which makes the synchronization as simple as a drag and drop into a file on the desktop, or via a backup program to a network/website location.

Either way, cloud storage just makes so much more sense in our turbulent times.  I say turbulent times because we never know where we’ll end up tomorrow.  We also never know when we’ll need a piece of information we may have jotted down somewhere.

I never use paper anymore, because there’s Evernote.


No Contracts

The thing I like about cloud storage; is that there aren’t any contracts.  You pay for what you need, month to month and you can cancel at any time.


Work Anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection, you can have your data on hand wherever you are.  Most of the cloud storage solutions have software which allows you to work offline, and when you go online again, it automatically synchronizes any changes you made back to the cloud.

Working anywhere is a reality and we can collaborate in real time with anyone anywhere.

It takes business globally and only limited by your imagination.

For tips, guidance and advice on all of the cloud storage solutions out there, and possible applications in your business give us a call on 082 765 8240.  We’ll come to demo some practical applications that you can use cloud storage for.


Are you doing a daily Data Backups to the Cloud? 

It should be the task of every manager to do daily backups of your data.   Data Backups are essential for business Continuation (in the event of data loss).

The loss of emails, pictures or documents can result in lost business.  If you are a home user, it can be a huge inconvenience if you lose personal information.  Because of these facts, we at Technoserv highly recommend Data backups to the cloud.


There are a number of benefits to Cloud Backups:


Regular backups to memory sticks, external hard drives or mag-tapes are only as secure as their location.  If any of these items fell into the wrong hands, ALL your information will be at their disposal.

Why Data Backups to the Cloud?

By making use of online Data Backups to the Cloud, your information is transferred via a secure, encrypted connection.  The Backups are stored on a secure server, in a highly secured Data Center.

The data is encrypted while it is uploaded and when it is stored.  256 Bit Encryption is normally used, which is similar to or better than what most banks use to secure your transactions online.

Some Backup providers are strict.  When you set up your account, ensure you record every bit of information.  Make sure this information is kept safe.  If you happen to lose your login credentials, no-one can help you reset a password.

You could end up losing your data.

Get your hands on a FREE eBook detailing how Organizations of every size are approaching Data Storage in the Cloud

Continuous Backups

The Cloud Backup Services work continuously, so you can rest assured that your data is always being backed up.  It helps give you peace of mind.  You never know when something might go wrong and this service minimizes the amount of data lost in a disaster scenario.


Cloud Backups are pay as you go, so there is a low flat monthly fee.  As you store more data, you increase your storage capacity.  This is a great Return on investment because you don’t need to buy any expensive equipment.  The software is part of the package.  You download the software, do a guided setup, and everything else runs in the background.

You no longer have to swap hard drives, find memory sticks or remember who did the last tape change.


Cloud storage is online, so anyone, anywhere with an internet connection can get access to any data you allow them to access.  This means, you can have employees anywhere, and they can still access work documentation.


As your business grows, inevitably your data increases.  With this in mind, Cloud storage can grow as you grow.  As more storage capacity is required, you just scale up your package and pay for what you need.

There is no need to buy any expensive servers, external drives or anything of the sort.

Accessibility and Reliability

In the past, backups were only as secure as the media that they were stored on.  Numerous times, I am sure you experienced USB sticks just stop working.  We had a number of Internal Hard Drives crash, so it makes sense to ensure there are multiple ways to store your Data.

Cloud servers are inside Data Centers.  When it comes to these servers, the encrypted data is stored on a RAID configuration server.

A RAID configuration basically means that as the data is written to one drive, it is duplicated/mirrored over other drives on the same server, just as a safety feature “in case” something goes wrong with one drive.

Typically, these servers are constantly monitored and a technician is alerted if a drive “dies”.  When he is notified, he can just “hot-swap” a new drive for the dead drive. Data on the other drives are mirrored/written back to the new drive.

In the same way, data on one server is replicated to other servers not just in the same Data Center, but to other Servers in other locations.

These Data Centers normally have a 99.9% Power uptime.  They have Service Level Agreements with their clients, so it is imperative for data to be accessible 24/7.

Data centers are also protected from natural disasters and fire.  They have multiple systems in place to ensure your information is safe, and still accessible in the event of a catastrophe.

Lost Equipment

Once you have backed up your data to the Cloud, you will be able to access it anywhere with an internet connection.

Should any of your devices be lost or stolen for any reason, you can just go online again and regain all your data once you replace the equipment.

By doing Data Backups to the Cloud, you can rest secure in the knowledge that the least amount of data will be lost in the event of fire, theft or loss.

For your ultimate peace of mind, give us a call, and we will happily help you find the right service to suit your needs.  Use the contact form or call us on 082 765 8240 for assistance.

Data Backups to the Cloud – Your ultimate solution to prevent Data Loss.

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