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  • Use Labour For More Profitable Work

Productivity needs to happen, not repetition of processes

For your business to be sustainable, you need to have staff doing meaningful, productive work.

Repetitive tasks can be automated.  

Using chatbots, autoresponders and email sequences, you can get rid of a lot of repetitive tasks.

Email can definitely be automated in a number of ways.

From segmenting and moving incoming email to set folders in your email program, sending to groups and segmenting people by interests, email can be a powerful business tool.

We’ll show you the power of email marketing and how other companies are successfully using email to grow their businesses.

Heck, no!  You can setup and use you own Chatbot in 5 minutes for FREE!

There are many platforms available to create Chatbots for you.

We can help you create a Chatbot specifically for your business, either on social media or on standalone platforms, it’s all up to you, it depends on how detailed and what workflows you want incorporated into your Chatbot.

The present platforms that monitor and manage your network are mostly automated.

The operators typically come to you to do the initial setup, or can do so remotely if they have access to your network.

With rules in place, they can have their software monitor your network and receive alerts if there are any discrepancies that need their or your attention.

There is so much that you can automate these days, it’s actually mind-boggling.

You can automate your employee time tracking and payment, shipment and delivery logistics, your accounting, your home security, saving records, pulling data into your payroll automatically from your bank, salary payments etc, etc.

Talk to us about your needs, we’ve got apps for that.

Sadly, yes.

A lot of people are very dedicated and  loyal to the business that they work for and give their all.

Then there are those that don’t give a sh*t!

People get sick, make mistakes, lie, steal and cheat.

This is where automation shines.

Set it up correctly once, it never gets sick, it never gets tired, it never stops until you make it stop.  

No salaries, no leave, no retirement funds, etc, etc.

Sometimes a small subscription fee is required and you get so much out of it, that it’s totally worth it.

Automated Processes to Save Money

Take away 50% of your staff requirement.  How much money does that equate to?  Quite  a bit I’m guessing.

Automate 50% and use contract labour for everything else.  Save Big!

Automation Perfected

Automate routine tasks and processes and
get your staff to do more productive work
so that you save money.


We’ll guide you through the app universe and help you find the right app to connect your essential processes to streamline and automate just about anything.


Chatbots are quick to develop and deploy.  You can have a free basic bot up and running in 5 minutes but more complex ones could take a few days to create and deploy.


Your business probably has processes in place.  If so it’s quick and easy to automate, for people without processes, it may take a bit of time and patience to automate.