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If your business is situated in an office block, you may need IT services.  We Offer IT Services for office blocks in Auckland Park.  We help businesses with a number of IT Services.  The day to day running of your business should never be left to chance.  Have an IT Support Team on call to:


  • Solve email errors
  • Reconnect users to the network
  • Resolve internet errors
  • Backup or restore corrupt data
  • Solve printer errors

Let us take care of the background tech, so that your business can function the way you expect it to.


Our IT Services for Office Blocks in Auckland Park include:


  • On Site IT Support (Adhoc and Ongoing IT Support)
  • Wired and wireless Networking
  • Antivirus installations and virus removals
  • Hardware and software sales
  • Cloud application installations, and account setups
  • WordPress website hosting and email accounts
  • Google AdWords, Twitter ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, Pinterest ads management
  • Remote Connections and Virtual Servers



The reason why businesses outsource their IT needs to outside companies is that it is cost effective and there are no labour headaches.


With in-house IT Staff you have:


  • Fixed salaries that have to increase annually
  • Labour contracts with the fixed term employee
  • Medical aid
  • UIF
  • PAYE
  • Ongoing training
  • Sick leave


It seems like quite a headache to have a full time employee to look after your IT network when it is simpler and more cost effective to just hire a service provider that offers IT Services for office blocks in Auckland Park.


What can you expect from outsourcing an IT service company?


  1. You pay once of and away they go
  2. If you aren’t satisfied with the work done, you have every right to either demand a refund or have the work corrected without further costs
  3. There are no hidden expenses
  4. The Contractors are working for a small business and are qualified to do the required work
  5. The contractors have a vested interest in doing things right, to prevent “fixing things”
  6. The contractors have a large knowledge base wo work with, and stay on top of new technologies, so you can bounce ideas off them
  7. You can often build friendly business relationships with these contractors
  8. These small businesses often offer ongoing maintenance contracts



Why Should I Hire IT Services for office blocks in Auckland Park?


  1. If it is so great, why doesn’t everyone use outsourced IT Companies?


It depends on your business.  For most large corporate businesses, who need on site staff to permanently monitor and engage with their large networks, it doesn’t make sense to go this route.

It does however suit small businesses who are constantly in a state of flux.  Hiring seasonal staff, new employees come and go, and expansion is on the cards, you are moving or any of these can wreak havoc in the normal functioning of a planned network.


  1. Can IT Services for office blocks in Auckland Park help me expand my business?


When it comes to moving and expanding your business; that is where the broad knowledge base of the outsourced IT Service contractor comes into play.


They can typically help you to:


  • Expand your existing network
  • Help you set up virtual office space
  • Help find you virtual offices
  • Help setup cloud based software so staff can work from anywhere
  • Setup remote connections to your existing office to connect branches
  • You can often buy hardware and software from them
  • They can help with setting up printers, routers, software and everything else your business needs to operate


  1. Isn’t it more costly to constantly outsource?


Not really.  For your own in-house IT staff, you are probably looking at a minimum wage of R6500.  Then there is the medical aid requirements, pension and provident funds, UIF and leave pay.

For outsourced IT staff, you will probably have an initial callout fee of R650, with the first hour’s work included.


Should the work you require from the IT contractor be labour intensive, he will tell you that he first needs to quote you for the work concerned.

Regular day to day issues like connecting a printer, solving internet issues, solving a network problem or general on device troubleshooting should be included in the first hour’s work.


A knowledgeable It contractor would normally solve any issue within 15 minutes, then you can ask him about other issues you may have.

On average, a business may only need to call in an It contractor once or twice a month at the most.  It depends on the growth of the business.  Your total cost R1300 versus R6500.


Are the Rands and cents beginning to add up for you now?


If you would like to talk to someone about IT Services For Office Blocks in Auckland Park to help your business, give us a call on 082 765 8240.


If you have any questions at all about the information we present here, please complete the contact form or call us on 082 765 8240.   A friendly contractor from our IT Services for office blocks in Auckland Park division will call you.

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