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We Support Small To Medium Sized Businesses in Aanwins

We’re an IT Service Company in Aanwins. Like most companies, we have computers and printers as well as media players, routers, modems and all the other tech a business needs to operate.

We have day to day problems, so we know from experience, how irritating and time consuming it may be to fix problems quickly so you can get back to work.


IT – It’s what we do


If you need to get some tech stuff done, we can help you once off, or we can set up an agreement, either in a contract or verbally to maintain your systems and keep everything running normally.


We can either do the stuff for you or help you to:


• Optimize your device speeds
• Setup email accounts
• Install printers
• Setup New devices
• Create networks
• Buy new hardware or software
• Find and fix problems with your current network or devices
• Supply antivirus software
• Help you store backups of your data and recover lost data


If you need a website and email, we can help you with that too. We host on our own servers and can install WordPress on a domain, setup your email and have you working online in 24 hours if need be.

Every business needs a website, so let us see which site design will work best for your business. We will find you a gorgeous template for you to work with, then you can set about creating your own content, or have us do it for you too.

An IT Service Company in Aanwins


Is your business in the process of upgrading your operating systems from XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1? We work in Windows 10 and would recommend you do the same.

We can help migrate your data and get your computers and other devices onto Windows 10 quickly and painlessly.


Do you have a Mobile Sales Team?


If you have a mobile sales team, they need access to documents and other resources while they are out on the road. With the cloud, you can work normally from anywhere with an internet connection.

We can help setup cloud storage for your team and help ensure your business continues to function normally, no matter where your employees are.
With video streaming, your meetings can take place, no matter where employees are. Work life should be simple and fluid.

Data Security


As an IT Service Company in Aanwins, we’ve experienced data loss because of load-shedding, and theft. Load-shedding isn’t something that will go away, and neither is crime. So, in order to minimize data loss because of power outages and theft, we found the following solutions:


• Working in the cloud with Google apps


o With Google apps, your information is saved every 10 to 15 seconds
o Your information is spread over thousands of servers
o Google has 99.9% uptime because of their infrastructure and multiple server farms


• Using a UPS


o Standard UPS are relatively inexpensive and allow you to safely shut down
o Better quality UPS can work for up to 4 hours
o The Best quality UPS can keep running for about 8 hours
o Solar power has become a better alternative to both electricity and UPS


• Multiple backup drives


o It doesn’t make sense to keep all of your data in one place
o You could have theft, fire, hardware failures, power disruptions
o Use a Multiple places to store your data ie: server, External drive, Cloud server


• Data Security


o People are looking to hack or steal information all the time
o You need a firewall to block hack attempts
o Someone needs to monitor this firewall and take action if attempts are made
o All staff need to adhere to policies which every Business has to employ


Our IT Service Company in Aanwins has a team of local and virtual assistants, constantly monitoring servers, networks and other locations to ensure clients stay safe and their data is protected.


If you have a Business in Aanwins, then you have probably experiences one or more of the above situations, or are thinking of implementing parts of the above.

If you’re not a hands on technical person, or you don’t have your own internal IT service technician, then give us a call, and we will gladly help you solve your most pressing IT concerns and help you secure your network and data.


We’re an IT Service Company in Aanwins, give us a call on 082 765 8240 for more information and we will call, and set an appointment to meet you.

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