Need Adhoc IT Support For Your Business?

No Problem. We Can Help With All Aspects of Your IT

Adhoc Computer Support Technicians help home and business users with their computers in or around Johannesburg.  We offer ongoing maintenance and support for small, medium and large organizations.


Adhoc Computer Support Technicians offer the following services:


  • Onsite support for multiple businesses
  • Hardware and software sales
  • Network Setup
  • Troubleshooting computers and repair
  • Ongoing maintenance and support for business networks

We also offer a number of other services.  We can tailor any package to suit your needs. Contact us and discuss your requirements.


Where do Adhoc Computer Support Technicians fit in?


Your business may be small (1 to 15 employees), medium (16 to 50 employees) or large with 51 or more employees.  It really doesn’t matter, because every business needs the basics.


All businesses need:


  • Office desks, chairs and cupboards and shelving
  • Desktops or laptop Computers and Servers
  • Tablets, Cell-Phones or other Mobile devices
  • POS, Label or networked Printers
  • Microsoft Office/Linux, Accounting packages and Inventory Management Software
  • A stable network infrastructure with a suitable internet connection
  • Storage for data and a secure backup system
  • Security for the network and your premises.


You need an extensive list of suppliers to buy everything.  How about having a single contact for all of the above?  Wouldn’t it make your life easier?

Use the Adhoc Computer Support Technicians for all your purchasing requirements and delivery to your door. We’ll even manage all the maintenance plans.


Does it make sense To Outsource?


It’s funny that this question pops into so many conversations.  But, let’s have a look at the facts shall we:


  • You save space because you don’t need to provide a workplace for another employee
  • You save time and money, because contractors are self trained outside your business
  • You don’t have another employee on your payroll and you don’t have another bonus to pay
  • Outsourced staff often have relations with suppliers and can offer goods at lower costs
  • Often contractors belong to a pool of talented individuals and knowledge is shared


There are two major factors to think about when considering outsourced staff versus full time employees.  Contractors save you countless hours in training and they save you money.

Fulltime IT employees on the other hand, need a fixed salary with annual increases, training, medical aid, sick days, bonuses, medical aid and never mind constant management.

When considering outsourcing, call the Adhoc Computer Support Technicians.  We offer numerous services and tailor packages for business.

Starting out or established?


An established business is often simpler to help maintain, but, a new, budding business, is often the most enjoyable business to help with, even though there may be many changes to be made as the business grows and expands.

Adhoc Computer Support Technicians can assist with all the details necessary for a small startup business such as:


  • Business registrations
  • Domain setup and obtaining a company name as an email address ie:
  • Furniture purchases for your new office
  • The network design and installation for your new office
  • Purchasing of all hardware, software and installation of broadband internet services


Not only will we help a small business establish a presence, but, we also contract our services for other businesses that have multiple branches where support is necessary.


How will the Inter Branch, IT Support process, be managed?


We make use of a ticketing system where our customers login, create a profile and log tickets.

  • Once you create your profile, you receive your login details
  • You can create as many tickets as you wish
  • Each ticket is assigned a unique number
  • You can login anytime to check the status of your request
  • Each ticket is mailed to and resolved by a system administrator


The ticketing system allows us to have a single point of contact within your business, sending support requests to a single interface on our domain.


Adhoc Computer Support Technicians use a single point of contact in our business to manage and respond to tickets. All communication is tracked and stored.  Having single points of contact within our relationships with customers, helps ensure there is no confusion.

How would Adhoc Computer Support Technicians Benefit a Large Corporation?


Use Adhoc Computer Support Technicians to prevent the need for employees at each of your branches.


  • You won’t spend money on travelling costs to deliver and install hardware or software
  • Remote support works when there is an internet connection, not when there isn’t one
  • You save on the productivity of your IT staff because you keep them locally
  • You can rest assured that the IT needs of your other branches are taken care of
  • You can spend more time running and growing your business


Contact Adhoc Computer Support Technicians for help when you have multiple branches. We’ll be happy to help manage your branches.  We are a group of individual businesses collaborating and helping businesses such as yours every day.

Overall, the process of outsourcing has been adopted by many businesses.  They realized that it’s more cost effective to have someone with the relevant knowledge available when needed, rather than employing a full time employee, because, there is only so much work to do in IT.

What Else do we bring to The Table?


Adhoc Computer Support Technicians bring the following to your business:


  • A 50 year + talent pool of computer support experience and knowledge
  • Reduced Costs on all hardware and software for any eventuality
  • Office furniture supplies and business registration services
  • Website design and application building for business
  • Service reliability and ongoing maintenance for all hardware in your business


If you need references from our current customers, please don’t hesitate to ask us.  We’ll be more than willing to let our customers chat with you.  They can tell you, how we’ve been serving them since 2010.

We’ve developed business relationships with our customers for the past five years.  We helped some advance their business and improved their networks over time.

We help keep our customers updated about new technology and often help with simple to complex projects within the scope of our agreements.

Contact the Adhoc Computer Support Technicians for more information. Call us on 082 765 8240.  BBM us using PIN 2260A57E.  Get in touch on Facebook Messenger.  Email or open a support ticket and we’ll contact you in five minutes.

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