About Us

Get to know a bit more about us and reach out with any questions you might have

It's Alistair Vermaak

Here to partner with your Business

Alistair is a Digital Marketer with a technical background.  He has a clear understanding of SEO and making sure site architecture is used to effectively drive the most web traffic to any website.

He has a keen eye for simplistic design, a firm grasp of technology and business processes.  

When he’s not busy working on a website.  He’s busy promoting content and when he’s not promoting content, he’s creating content for YouTube, or for any number of other platforms.

Finally, when the “day” ends, he can be found enjoying ice-cold beer or red wine.  He’s the cook in his House and Vegetable grower.  He turns herbs and other greenery into herbal remedies for better health.

What Are We Actually About?


To be the go to people for you to turn to if you want to start an online business, or, if you already have a small business, to be there for you to get hardware, software, online services, or marketing assistance.  

Hardware & Software

In order to do business locally or online, you need technology. 

We’ve partnered with local and international vendors to supply you with everything you need to run a business locally or online.  You’ll find more information in our shop and in various blog posts

IT Support

When your tech doesn’t work the way it should, we want to be there to help you get it all back online and functioning properly.

Whether you’re local or international, we can help and get things up and running again in no time.  We have technicians ready to assist

Website Design & eCommerce  

If you’re just starting out online, it can seem a little intimidating getting to know all the tech and how to set everything up to work together. 

Even established businesses can do with a little help now and then, especially when introduced to a new product or service.

We’re here to do it all for you, or to help you wherever you get stuck.  Get help and support with Wix, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Weebly, WooCommerce and BigCommerce.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing consists of a lot of moving parts.

From SEO, to Graphic Design and copywriting, we cover it all. 

Doing it all yourself is just too much work and it’s going to take a lot of time getting it all right. 

Get help with Content Creation, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.  

Examples Of Hardware and Software We Help With

These are 4 fundamental bits of technology you will need in your business. Get help putting everything in place.

From planning your Business, setting up the domain, installing a content management system, designing the site, driving traffic and helping you convert that traffic into money in your bank – that is what we’re all about.

One of the major drawbacks to online business is the constant threat of cyberattack.  There are however steps you can take, whether you’re an online or local business to protect your online and local assets.  We’ll work with you to setup a firewall and to protect and filter all devices accessing your network

Everything is connected to the net in some way or form these days.  If you’re in the process of moving buildings, or setting up a new office, need a network extension, or a new WiFi setup, have a chat to us, we can help. 

For international transactions and for day to day shoppers who want the convenience of using a credit facility to pay for goods, you’ll need a payment processor/  We will help you setup shop with any provider of your choosing.

Without a clear understanding of what people do when they arrive on your site, you’ll find it difficult at best to optimize your website for the highest number of conversions.  Talk to us about setting up goals, extracting tracking reports and optimizing your web properties.

The Right Partnerships

The Less Vendors You Need To Deal With The Better

It only makes sense to use as few moving parts in a business as possible.  With fewer moving parts, the likelihood of a breakdown of communication between the parts is diminished.  We’ll get you partnered with the right software providers for your budget.