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Bit Of History:

I was working in the Cash in Transit Business and experienced a Robbery first hand.  My partner was killed in the Robbery and I vowed never to do CIT again.


I live in South Africa.  I am originally from Zimbabwe.  I have been here since 1989 and moved around a bit until I settled in the Freestate.

I moved from the Freestate to Johannesburg in search of something different in 1999.  I went back into a different field of security.  I worked long hours during the day and went to classes at night, learning all I could about the intricate workings of computers.

I started doing odd jobs for people, then eventually I got more and more requests to fix computers, so I took it further and offered my services to anyone that needed it.

Today, I have a small support team.  They are online and all I need to do is get your details and send it through to them.  they will get in touch with you and help you where needed.


For on-site IT support,  I can help in a number of ways.


  • Help you set up and schedule data backups,  also restore and recover data


  • Without data, you don’t have a business
  • Setting up automated backups helps prevent human error
  • When data is corrupted or lost, we can recover it, provided it is backed up of course
  • We’ll help you set up an inventory of software you have on site and organize it all


  • Help you to transition to the cloud


  • If you aren’t making use of the cloud, then you are using antiquated business processes
  • Go paperless
  • Share and collaborate without stupid duplication and time wasting
  • Prevent the constant back and forth emails
  • Chat in the cloud and get everyone on the same page all the time


  • Help you secure your data


  • Are you still tying your workforce to desks?  Why it’s so 19th century?  Let them work from anywhere!
  • Setup platforms to hold employees accountable, but give them flexibility
  • Setup schedules and routines
  • Setup workforce policies to govern their freedoms and responsibilities and data security
  • Setup productivity tracking and monitor how data flows to and from your business


As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t really talked that much about doing actual work on computers.  That’s because the technology of today is better than the technology we had when computers first arrived on the market.  Not only that, the Operating systems have gotten better over time too.

These days, computers seldom need repairs because they have been made better, more efficient and their components are made specifically for them.


What’s Happened To IT Support Services?


The focus of IT support has matured over the years, so now the focus has shifted to providing more value to the business.  That’s what we would like to do for your business.

We want to become your consultants.  We want to add value to your business and don’t just see you as someone else who will help pay our bills.  We genuinely like working with a variety of people from all walks of life.

We would love to hear what you think and would also love to know how we can help you in your business.  Are you Tech Savvy?  Have You found all the #TechnologySolutions you need for your business, or could you still use a little help?

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