About Us


Technoserv was founded due to a lack of professional service delivery to business and homeowners in the technology sector.

What we do, is provide Hardware, Software and Services for Business while also offering general computer and mobile device troubleshooting for homeowners.

What we found, is that, although there were numerous technicians out there offering services, sometimes they were just too busy to offer their clients the kind of service they came to expect.

Customers exasperated by poor service delivery, were found hopping from one service provider to another, in the hopes of finding one that would offer them a long term commitment, and give them the effective service delivery they were looking for.


We Decided to Change That!

We decided to stay small, and offer personalized services.  We keep things in house, with a small staff compliment.  The more we grow, the more people we will add to the team.

We affiliated our business with major technology vendors in Gauteng, which allows us to buy products from them at lower than retail rates and pass some of these savings on to you.

We have partnered with Other Technology Service Providers, and these partnerships allow us to offer you all the services that you may ever need for your business.

Not only that, we also affiliated our business with online marketplaces, so, no matter where you are in the world, you can find products and services here, and get it delivered to your door.

We Love Simplicity

We use simple English to explain everything in the technology sector.  We use simple processes to find technology products.  We are also open and transparent about everything we do and everything we provide.

We look forward to providing you with GREAT Service, Recommendations and building a lasting relationship.

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