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If you're struggling with day to day IT Services like Outlook errors, Slow Networks, Slow Computers or general  network issues, we can help you. Call 082 765 8240.

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All the General IT Support Services You Expect

Small to medium sized businesses need stable networks and computers that function optimally at all times.


Slow computers affect your network.  We optimize both for faster networks.  Relieving stress in the workplace.


Losing your data, or having it fall into the wrong hands is costly.  With multiple backup solutions, we secure your data.


On site management has become less of a necessity, but remote patch management and monitoring is vital.

It Services  & Management solutions

Your business probably doesn't have in-house IT Support staff to take care of your Network.  However, having an IT technician on call to provide IT Support Services gets the best of both worlds.  Support, only when you need and ease of access.   Typically a single WhatsApp message gets the fastest results - WhatsApp 076 102 0460.

Choose The Relevant Service

What Do We Know?

On site IT Support Services

We began doing IT support way back in 1999.  Back the, we did it part time, for friends and family.  But, the demand for support grew over time, so we decided to make it a full time job.  Now we have an in-house accountant, guys on call when we need them and a small management team, helping keep things tight and well controlled.

“Years of Training and Learning IT Support have allowed me to understand Technical & Networking aspects in the IT Service industry. Helping me serve you!”

A. Q Vermaak


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Managed IT Services

Remote Patch Management & Monitoring

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    Our Team monitors your network 24/7/365
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    ​Detecting threats and dealing with them immediately

Web Threat Detection

Patch Management

Reporting and Analysis 

Network Management

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If you're struggling with day to day IT Service headaches, get in touch with us.  Let's do an assessment and let you know how we can help.

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