If you're using any web technology for business - you're at risk of attack

Worried About Your web connection?

Do you ever go to sleep at night, wondering “if” your business is at risk of a Cyber Attack? 

Short answer, if your business is online –  yes it is!

Your security matters.

Every second of every day, criminals are online, looking for an easy way to get access to data they can either steal from your business, or to sell to the highest bidder

Network monitoring

24/7 monitoring of your network to ensure nothing happens without someone being aware

Security Patching

All software security patching done on a set schedule in order not to interfere with business operations

Network Filtration

All incoming web traffic is filtered and nothing passes the filter without the correct credentials

Firewall Security

Bloch malicious attacks on your network and throttle staff access to untrusted websites and social

Fix Your Security Or Suffer The Consequences

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An Attack Every ^ (Seconds)
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% Of Attacks are on SMB's
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% Increase Since COVID
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% Companies Had Data Breaches

Hackers Never Sleep, Neither Should Your Network Security

With the ammount of data and the number of users online increasing every day, there are more opportunities for criminals and withe less people working since the onset of COVID, there’s never been a more important time than now, to get your network security updated.

Reduce Risk and Mitigate Attacks

Prevention of possible infection, data breach, hijacking or total loss is much better than going through the whole process of trying to restore your business.

The first step is to make sure your whole network is secure.

When this is verified, all data is backed up to ensure availability.

There are strict policies implemented to prevent unwarranted access.

Monitoring happens all the time so we never miss a thing that happens.  

Don't let criminals get access to your sensitive data

With the right systems in place, the right software and hardware solutions, you can mitigate any cyber-attack and prevent unnecessary financial losses.

Stop Hackers Before They Get Onto Your Network

The correct Firewall application, whether it be cloud based or a physical on premises Firewall, makes no difference, as long as you have  filter in place to stop the nasty attackers from getting into your network – It’s your First line of defense

What Program Are You Using

We’ve trusted ESET for years.  It’s our go-to platform of choice for all things related to your business security.

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Frequently Asked Questions


No, everything is done remotely


There will be varying costs, depending on your needs.  Pick the one that suits you


Typically, the training will be done by the product vendor.  We will however put as much information right here, so that you can access it whenever you need it, or we can send you whatever you need.


Security for Web Based Technology Solutions

Security Services built for the Technologically minded SMB owner.  Money is tight, so we’ve looked for the most cost effective Security solutions

starting plan

$ 50
per month

All the basics you need to get your network secured, Firewall activated and a team ready to monitor for any attacks.

lower cost of ownership

Simple, straightforward Security Services for your Network.


Advanced plan

$ 50
per month

Everything in basic plus a few extra bells and whistles.  Advanced Filtering, Security Policies and Threat Management.

monthly reporting

See What happened in the previous month and crunch the numbers

lower cost of ownership

Bare bones efficiency, but all the security features you need in a robust Security Platform

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