IT Support Services for any Business Across the Globe

The Many Facets of IT Support Services

IT Support Services encompass the entire suite of services required for a business to run efficiently.  While we do not claim to be everything to everyone, we do help with the day to day running of business and manage on site technicians.

On Site Deployment

Wherever necessary, on site IT support services are rendered by Sub-contracted on site technicians.  The services they provide are in line with most business practices.

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Network Maintenance, Security patching and vulnerability scanning
  • User Profile management, setup, security management, work-spaces
  • Device management, software deployment, Updates and upgrades
  • User management, reports, statistics and analysis
  • Server Management, Data storage and inter-branch VPN

Cloud Based Services

Not all of our services are on-site based.  Our off site services include Cloud Services.  We leave this service in the capable hands of our reliable partners.  They have the cloud infrastructure that currently drives Technologies behind Major Corporations across South Africa.

These services include:

  • Cloud Based Virtual Servers
  • Data Backups to the Cloud
  • Cloud Based File Access
  • Cloud Based Collaboration
  • Hosted Exchange email

Physical Hardware and Software

We provide all the physical hardware and software you may need for all of your business processes, be it a new USB stick to the latest server, we have you covered.

We can also help get you COD deals, financing, or leasing agreements for:

  • Large scale Digital Signage Setup
  • Server Purchases and Data Migration
  • Network Printer Leasing agreements
  • Service Level Agreements for Your Corporation
  • Any Hardware or Software Purchases for your business

Whatever you need from our IT support services, we can help.  We cover all areas across Gauteng and offer help to the furthermost corners of the earth via Teamviewer remote support.

If you aren’t sure where to begin looking for help, just drop is a one liner and ask a  question.




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