About Technoserv

About Technoserv

about technoservAs with many stories about humble business startups, the Technoserv story started way back before Computers were really popular.

My Name is Alistair Vermaak, the owner of this ship. I used to dream about computer programming because my brother in law was a programmer and a good one at that.  Then I moved to South Africa in 1989 and life struck me.  I am an impatient little sod at the best of times, but it would be many years before the computer servicing puzzle would pull itself together for me.

If I had to think back about working on computers, they were still these old fashioned boxes and speeds were not much to talk about.  The most irritating thing was hearing the old modem dialing out over the ISDN Line. (Man am I glad that’s gone)

Well, you can’t go anywhere these days without being bombarded by technology.  Computers, cell-phones and tablets are now the norm.  There are millions of devices out there and there are many of them breaking down every day.  Just as they are breaking down, new services are being offered to help repair and maintain them.

The Technoserv business model is built upon serving the home user and small to medium sized business.  Let’s face it; a home user and a small business owner don’t have huge sums of cash to spend on calling an IT department to their home or business.

We fit into this category nicely.  We keep our rates low and offer cost savings wherever we can.  We make use of open source software but only provide well known brands of machinery.

Technoserv was born in 2010 and was operated part-time while I helped out in another franchise for an international corporate business as an independent contractor. 

These days I have teamed up with two other individual business owners and together we have formed a service team to serve the greater Johannesburg Area. 

We now service clients all over Johannesburg and assist with data storage, computer troubleshooting and repairs, printer issues, website development and so much more.

We are in essence a computer support company and offer computer support to home owners, small business and corporate businesses where our services may be needed.

Our operation is small but we offer dedicated service at low rates and offer quality service on site.  We ensure that your home or business machinery is operating at its’ best all the time.

So, if Your PC or other device is being naughty, get in touch and we will sort it out.  We have helped quite a few people deal with little brats that don’t want to do what they supposed to.

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