Wouldn't It Be Nice To Work From Anywhere, Anytime?Do You Need Help Creating a Data Security Plan?Are You Using A Multimedia System For Work Or Pleasure?Need A Silent Salesman to Promote Your Products & Services?Have A Coffee Shop Or Restaurant?Looking For New Tech for Work or Home?Looking for DSTV Installers?Are you looking for Flat display screens?Would You Like Even More Viewing Options With Nexflix in South Africa?Building Your Own Media Server?

Wouldn't It Be Nice To Work From Anywhere, Anytime?

Well, as long as you have an internet connection, you can. Google Apps lets you work wherever, whenever.

Do You Need Help Creating a Data Security Plan?

Your Data is the most important thing to your business. Without it, you may as well close your doors. We have a plan, so, talk to us.

Are You Using A Multimedia System For Work Or Pleasure?

With the right equipment, you could say goodbye to DSTV and any other annoying Channel you ever subscribed to. Talk to us about your options.

Need A Silent Salesman to Promote Your Products & Services?

Multimedia systems looping images on a flat screen in the right position are said to increase sales by 30% or more. Could you do with an added 30% on your bottom line?

Have A Coffee Shop Or Restaurant?

Having streaming Menus and Promotional items on display does away with the necessity of staff having to tell clients what's on offer. Saving everyone's patience.

Looking For New Tech for Work or Home?

Retailers are expensive. Let us help you find the right hardware or software at better prices.

Looking for DSTV Installers?

Having DSTV at home is fun and you have so many options. Having to deal with the installation should be left to those who know what they are doing. Contact us for accredited installers in your area.

Are you looking for Flat display screens?

Flat LCD or LED screens give a much better image quality than the old VGA. Preventing stress on your eyesight.

Would You Like Even More Viewing Options With Nexflix in South Africa?

It is possible to watch Netflix in South Africa with a paid subscription. If you would like to know how, contact us and we will help.

Building Your Own Media Server?

Using Linux is the most stable and secure method of building any Home Media Server. If You ever need a hand, or software, call us for help.

Computer Support and Technology Services

  Computer Support And Technology Services In Johannesburg

At one time or another, we all need some help with Tech and make use of computer support and technology services of some type, in our day to day business, or home lives.  Our world has become heavily dependent upon Technology.

At times, the technology we use to perform certain functions either breaks down, or ceases to function the way it’s supposed to.  It’s at times like these, that you need help, because, all too often, we tend to make matters worse by trying a quick fix.

What Computer Support and Technology Services Should You Look For?

Computer support and Technology Suppliers are not all created equally.  So, here is what you should be looking for to cut costs and find a solution that will be best for your business.

1. Look for a Computer support company that has people in your area or at least travels to your area.

  1. This might seem like a no brainer, but some people will try use remote support suppliers and it doesn’t always work out the way you plan.
  2. A Local computer support company will probably arrive on your doorstep within the hour.  If they can’t make it in 4 hours, move on.
  3. Are they clean and neat?  If they look shoddy, chances are their work quality will be the same.

2. Look for a Computer support company that offers a range of services that you could use today, and maybe in the future too.

  1. Building a trust relationship with a computer support company takes time, so choose one and if you like the service they offer, stick with them.
  2. If your business grows, you can call one one company to solve your tech needs, instead of hunting for multiple vendors to fulfill your technology service needs.

At the end of the day, you need to find someone you can trust to resolve your technology challenges and help you whenever necessary so that your business runs proficiently.  It’s all about choice, and making the right one will help you reap the profits.

How We Can Help

Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • The supply and installation of streaming media players and their screens
  • The sales, installation and maintenance of computers and tablets
  • Solar panels, solar pumps and solar light sales and installations
  • Helping you find reputable DSTV Installers in your area
  • Supplying server cabinets
  • Sales of uninterrupted power supplies
  • Suppliers of high speed fibre broadband connections

As we said earlier, the services we offer aren’t limited to the ones listed here, but it gives you a broad overview of what we can help with.

Your Business and Technology

We said earlier that we rely heavily on technology to do most,  if not all our work.

In Business there are so many parts of the business that fit together to form a whole operation. A common problem for many businesses is the total lack of planning in regard to power failures, theft and other factors which may cause technology to be affected.

Often, when the technology of a business is affected, all aspects of the business are affected in one way or another, and this can result in a loss of production.  A loss of production, means a loss of income. Some companies can survive a break in work for a few hours, some cannot.  Loss of production can cause a loss of millions of Dollars/Rand in revenue.

How Computer Support and Technology Services Can Benefit Your Business

We’ve been in the IT Business since 1999.   At the time, we started off doing small odd jobs round the house, in the garage and for friends.  This steadily grew into a full fledged business and today we serve multiple businesses.

We found common trends among businesses and have a pretty good understanding of where issues in technology will affect a business and the repercussions of a technology flaw. Our understanding of business processes lets us hep you:

  • Reduce expensive broadband costs
  • Reduce, eliminate, or foresee technology issues
  • Place backup systems in place to prevent any interruptions to business
  • Plan, maintain and assist to facilitate technology upgrades and replacements
  • Assist with alternative energy supplies, batteries and generators where necessary

As with any business, once we have a framework of your business needs in place, we can look at what your most essential needs are and tailor a package to suit your needs.

We cannot guarantee we have the very service you need right off the bat, but we will gladly work with you to structure our offerings to fit in with what you need.  We like to give you only what yu need and noting extra that you will never use.

Excess bells and whistles don’t help productivity, they actually hamper it.  Simplicity drives productivity.

Get in touch with us to discuss your computer support and technology services needs.