Sourcing Brand Name Technology for your Business at cost price can be difficult if you haven't got relationships with the major Technology suppliers. We have relationships with the top 20 Technology Suppliers in South Africa and supply any Technology you need at cost price.

Network Support

Running a Business requires focus and attention to detail. The last thing you need is for technology issues to challenge you when you have budgets, reports and deadlines to meet and deliver results on. In today's fast pace, you can't have any stumbling blocks, especially with connectivity. We maintain Business Networks. We plan, design, implement and maintain every aspect of your Network. Giving you peace of mind, knowing that your technology needs are taken care of.

IT Support

Technology has a tendency to frustrate us when it doesn't work the way it is supposed to. We're a team who've been in the IT industry for the last six years helping small, medium and large businesses deal with daily IT issues. We offer on site IT Support. We are self employed and outsource work where we can. If you're stuck with an issue, get in touch and we'll deal with them for you.

Solar Power

Current Energy production practices are dirty and pollute our planet. Moving to greener forms of energy production are cheaper in the long run and the move to green energy production is taking place globally. It ends up being cheaper than current electricity consumption.

Wireless Internet

Living and working in South Africa, we know how unreliable ADSL is due to copper theft. We partnered with Service Providers who Run their broadband service on a Fiber backbone throughout Johannesburg, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. With the Super-fast Wireless Internet, your business will never be left disconnected ever again.

UPS Suppliers

There is nothing worse than having your computer network go off when there is no electricity supply to your home or business. We have backup power supplies in the form of UPS batteries. There are various forms and sizes. Have a look through the range we offer and decide what's right for your home or business. If your looking for UPS Suppliers, call 072 098 9488.

Antivirus Software

We provide all kinds of antivirus software for your home or business. We have everything you might need for Servers, Desktop Computers, Tablets or Mobile Phones. Make sure you keep your information secure and virus Free With the right Antivirus Software.

Server Cabinets

We Sell Server Cabinets, Do Custom Installations and Networking of All Devices to a Central Switch or Server. You can have one small rack-mount server or a whole Data Center filled with cabinets, We can source all the material necessary to fulfill your order.

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